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It's going to be a bad hair day. For the next couple months.

I could almost cry. I've just had my hair absolutely slaughtered for the first time, a truly bad haircut - dreadful - beyond doubt the worst cut I've ever had, eclipsing the BAD Amelie-fringe look I got given when I was 17. And I always used to get such good results from that place too.

It's choppy all over and the fringe is three inches long at one end and one inch long at the other and the line is just uneven and hacked. I ASKED the chap to just trim the ends on the top and he did this to me.

It was literally in my eyes before - just covering my eyebrows when it was down, it was a good fringe - flicky and sweepy and just lovely, I'd spent over a year growing it out and having it only lightly trimmed - so I am really upset about this. It'll grow back, but... ARRRRRRRRRRRGH. The only way it can be tidied up is if it's cut down to an inch all over, and that look doesn't suit me at all.

I had to buy a deerstalker off a street stall to cover it up. The first pictures are before - it was a lovely thick, heavy fringe, and I rather liked it. The second ones are after I was Sweeney Todomised...

Suppose it'll grow back relatively quickly - but I spent MONTHS growing out that fringe and developing it and quite frankly the more I see my reflection in mirrors, the more devastated and uglified I feel.

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Waugh! I'm so sorry, that is definitely a bad cut, especially compared to what you had before. D:

Did they let the twitchy new person attack you with pinking shears or something? That needs a serious complaint making!
Dude. Dude!

I feel your pain, it sucks when they don't do what they're supposed to.

Did you make a fuss? You should. It's clearly not what you asked for.
I think I sat there in shock, slowly touching my lack of fringe, looking like I was about to cry and kind of unable to do anything.

I didn't have to pay, but for some reason - WHY? WHY? WHY? - I still tipped the guy despite not having to pay. I think I was in shock. Bought the hat within mintes of leaving the shop, and I think I will be living in a deerstalker for the next couple months until it grows back.
Well, it's not working as a fringe, but that last shot there shows some encouraging signs that it could still work as a slightly differently styled haircut.

I'm thinking its not so terribly bad that you'll have to hide it beneath a hat. Perhaps you will grow more comfortable with it over the next few days.

You're still a handsome chap.
Good grief! On the bright side, no-one's going to try and mug you for quite a while...
I remember one of the worse haircuts I got. I was talked into going to Walmart for a fething haircut by my friend. The girl was going on about how she was going to eventually open her own salon and all of that. Well, she did a piss-poor job with the front (I could pull the hair past my eyes) and the rear was crooked.

What's worse is my friend yelled at me for leaving a shoddy tip. Until I pointed out how bad HIS haircut was. He hadn't noticed. He'd been distracted by a pair of tits and a pretty face. (I shouldn't have tipped at all. Never thought of not paying, but I never thought of calling a store manager to complain.)

I later fixed my own hair. Fixed the back, worked the front area. It wasn't great but it was better than what that stupid girl did. My friend just left his as-is. Idiot didn't trust me to fix his hair enough to cut an even line in back. *shrugs*

I hope your hair grows out faster than you expect. And that you never suffer through something like that again.

Take care.

Rob H.

Oh dear. I empathise.

I just spent over six months growing out a lovely (longer than yours) sweepy side parted fringe.

I could tuck it back when I wanted, leave it hanging when I didn't. It was beautiful.

I shut my eyes, and now I have a 'where the fuck did you part it' sticking out all over 2" on one side (why did she even CUT that side - it was the perfect length) and too short on the other, and all she was about was did I know how to stretch it when I dried it?

Umm... no. You cut it too short. Now I have a heinous bogan who knows WHAT cut, that I want to hide, every day.