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It's going to be a bad hair day. For the next couple months.

I could almost cry. I've just had my hair absolutely slaughtered for the first time, a truly bad haircut - dreadful - beyond doubt the worst cut I've ever had, eclipsing the BAD Amelie-fringe look I got given when I was 17. And I always used to get such good results from that place too.

It's choppy all over and the fringe is three inches long at one end and one inch long at the other and the line is just uneven and hacked. I ASKED the chap to just trim the ends on the top and he did this to me.

It was literally in my eyes before - just covering my eyebrows when it was down, it was a good fringe - flicky and sweepy and just lovely, I'd spent over a year growing it out and having it only lightly trimmed - so I am really upset about this. It'll grow back, but... ARRRRRRRRRRRGH. The only way it can be tidied up is if it's cut down to an inch all over, and that look doesn't suit me at all.

I had to buy a deerstalker off a street stall to cover it up. The first pictures are before - it was a lovely thick, heavy fringe, and I rather liked it. The second ones are after I was Sweeney Todomised...

Suppose it'll grow back relatively quickly - but I spent MONTHS growing out that fringe and developing it and quite frankly the more I see my reflection in mirrors, the more devastated and uglified I feel.

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