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Throwing a question out there.

Generally speaking, do you prefer an user-name on a blog or journal to have an underscore, or a hyphen, or do you prefer it to be one word?

For_example, for-example, or forexample?

I prefer forexample myself - people always confuse the underscore and the hyphen.
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Doesn't honestly bother me either way.

What does frazzle my noggin sometimes is getting peoples LJ usernames mixed up with their real names.
One word, if at all possible.
Depends. For anything other than my main nickname (which is supposed to be "quoting_mungo", all-lowercase with an underscore), I tend to strive for names that don't need me to make that decision. If I can't have that, it depends on the username.

When I made stickseed_doom I wanted stickseed but it was taken, and since the word "stickseed" ends with a D tacking "doom" onto it without an underscore would've looked very weird to me.

I think I lean weakly towards using underscore, but, well... I prefer not having to make the choice.

I tend to use a hyphen if readability is at issue, otherwise one word. I don't like underscores.