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Crumbs! Finishing unfinished business - after all these years!

About ten years ago I started writing a novel. I had written them before. I can't even remember exactly when I started writing this one. Anyway. It's pootled around on various CDs and disks and floppies. It's survived several computer changes. It has been unfinished for at least eight years. Every now and again, I got it out, opened it up, read through it. Revised and edited as I went. Got to the premature end. Maybe I added a few paragraphs here and there, but maybe only 100 words or so a year.

Then, on Thursday evening, with several days off work, that had crept upon me leaving me with no plans, I opened the document up. Over 11,500 words later... it is finished! At the moment the word-count stands at 84,750 all in. Okay, I'm not going to pretend it's anything more than a piece of fluff and nonsense, and of course now it's got a last line, it needs editing/revising/polishing, but - I FINISHED IT.

I can't think of a better or more productive few days off work. And having gone back to work today, I am so much the happier for it. It is one piece of unfinished business that has bothered me very much for a number of years, so to have it finished now is one heck of an achievement...
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