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Where, O where, is my freedom?

Now, London, don't get me wrong. I think it is wonderful that you offer Freedom Passes to the disabled, and that we can use these on buses/Tube whenever, and the London railway line after 10.30. No denying it's a wonderful service, and much appreciated.

But WHY the heck have you not sent out the renewed passes yet? You have been ad-campaigning for MONTHS about sending in the forms to get this sorted. Looks like a lot of people haven't heard a thing since, and are getting twitchy. When I went in to the Council office to ask about this, I saw the form they passed me to fill out. There were DOZENS of complaints from people who hadn't gotten their renewed passes yet, and had not heard so much as a status update. And the passes expire in five days time. Even if the Letter of Authority arrives before the end of the month, it will be at least two weeks before the actual pass is received.

At least as I'm employed, I can afford to have to buy travelcards for - looks like I could have to pay out for a month at the least - but there are a lot of disabled people who will be virtually stranded without their Freedom Passes.

And- having just Googled to double-check my facts - why is it that the Liberal Democrats are apparently the only people who have published the announcement the extension of the Freedom Pass deadline by 2 months? I'm not much of a political cove, but it's little things like caring for the need of disabled people to know things like this that get brownie points from this grumpy spesh.
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