Daniel Of The Boustrophedonical Perspective (maboo) wrote,
Daniel Of The Boustrophedonical Perspective

My New Project is Launched.

The Dragon and I have been collaborating on this in our spare time, and today, we launched it. On the Dragon's birthday, no less.

So, dear friends, please meet tardisalice.

For the first instalment in "Alice Who?" you can go directly to:

We're co-writing and co-illustrating it - the Dragon did the Rabbit, the other pics are mine - and while this section is mainly the Dragon's writing, other sections will be mine (or a collaboration). We have about 30 parts from the beginning written so far plus random bits from forthcoming sequences and various illustrations being drawn/in the process of being drawn. The idea is that we will try and update it at least once a week, maybe more often. All we hope is that people will like and enjoy our take on Alice.

So - enjoy, and do keep track of it if you so wish - I will try to post here when new updates are posted, too!
Tags: alice who?, art
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